Meet Pierre, Pierre is a Blue Point ragdoll that recently came to live with us.  He has been in the family for several years and is a very big, sweet boy.  Pierre has proven to have gorgeous kittens that are the full of beauty and personality.  He is an incredible addition to  our cattery and  we look forward to many years with him as part of our family.

Pierre loves to spend hours sitting in your lap, being brushed, snuggled, and has the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen.  Until the ladies get old enough, he will just have to spend his time snuggling with us humans!

Our future King, Ryker is more fun than one person can handle.   He has more energy than an atomic bomb!   It is very hard to catch a picture of Ryker because he will not sit still long enough, but when he stops, and you reach down to scratch his back, a motor comes on like you never heard before!   Ragdolls are known for their purring and Ryker is a perfect example of it.   I am sure he will have kittens that are beautiful and full of the incredible personalities that Ragdolls are desired for.

Ball time!  Ryker

A rare moment in time.