These little ladies pack a powerful punch of beauty!

Mia, my beautiful Blue point, mitted female,  she will make me very proud in the show ring, as well as being a great mom.  Mia has the softest fur of any cat I have ever felt.  She comes from incredible lineage, with grand champions running through her blood.  She is a very meek and mild cat that loves being in your presence and sitting beside you.

Cleo,  my queen of the Nile!   A beautiful seal point, bicolor, high mitted female, with a heart of gold.  An incredible personality that makes the cup runneth over.  She as well, is from grand champion lineage, and will bring home many blue ribbons, I am sure.   Mia and Cleo are sisters and are inseparable, yet very different in personality.  Both affectionate and loving girls.

The smallest and youngest of the three,  is Anna, a blue point, bicolor mink.   Anna came to us from a cattery in Texas, and like all things in Texas, she has the biggest personality of any of my cats.  She is fearless, loving, passionate, and curious about everything!   She will have kittens that have personalities that POP!   If you are looking for a kitten that will make you a fantastic pet, this is the girl that will give it to you.

My Mia

Miss Cleo….

My Anna….