Purrr Avida Ragdolls

Denver’s Home for Top Quality Ragdoll Companions...For Life

At Purrr Avida Ragdoll’s we take pride in raising loving, gentle kittens and cats. Our Ragdoll kittens have been raised among the family and other pets. We hand make our food to ensure our cats and kittens have the highest quality, and the best nutrition they can get. If you are looking for a kitten as a pet, a Ragdoll kitten may be for you. Here at Purrr Avida, we have kittens that are suitable for the show ring, or the kitten that will just spend its days sitting in your lap. We are a closed cattery. For us, our Ragdoll kittens being healthy and strong are a top priority. So, if you think bringing a beautiful, Ragdoll kitten into your home is for you, please contact us and let’s talk about what is available, our health guarantee, what life with the Ragdoll cat is all about.


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